Charlotte Bank Projects

A Silent Cinema


Highlights of Syrian cinema

curated by Charlotte Bank


in collaboration with



Arsenal, Institut für Film und Videokunst

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

October 8th - 14th 2009


Oussama Mohammad: Stars in Broad Daylight, 1988


Syrian Cinema is one of the least known national cinemas in the Arab world. With a yearly production of no more than one or two feature films, it is far from the mass production of Egypt. Syrian cinema is, although state controlled, a pure auteur cinema, of high aesthetic and artistic standard and often surprisingly critical and political.

The greater accessibility of digital technique has led to an increase in independent productions, especially experimental short films and videos during the past decade.

The program will offer the opportunity to re/discover documentaries by Hala Alabdallah and Omar Amiralay, features by Abdellatif Abdulhamid, Mohamad Malas and Oussama Mohammad as well as works by young film makers such as Ammar Al-Beik, Meyar Al-Roumi and Rami Farah.

The opening will be on October 8th at 8 pm with an introduction by Charlotte Bank and a program of short films and videos from the last 8 years.



Thursday, Oct. 8th, 8 pm: Short film program with introduction by Charlotte Bank 


Friday, Oct. 9th, 8 pm:

Oussama Mohammad: Step by Step (1977)

Oussama Mohammad: Stars in Broad Daylight (1988)


Saturday, Oct. 10th:

7.30 pm: Omar Amiralay: There Are so Many Things Left I Would Like to Say (1997)

8.30 pm: Mohammad Malas: The Night (1992)


Sunday, Oct. 11th, 8 pm:

Oussama Mohammad: Sacrifices (2002)


Monday, Oct. 12th, 8 pm:

Rami Farah: Silence (2006)

Ammar Al-Beik: Clapper (2003)


Tuesday, Oct. 13th:

7.30 pm: Omar Amiralay: A Flood in Baath Country (2003)

8.30 pm: Omar Amiralay: Everyday Life in a Syrian Village (1974)


Wednesday, Oct. 14th:

7.30 pm: Hala Alabdallah/Ammar Al-Beik: I Am the One Who Carries Flowers to Her Grave (2006)

9.30 pm: Abdellatif Abdul-Hamid: Nights of the Jackals (1989)




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